Award-winning, Baja Architect, Sylvia St. Clair

Regarded as one of the best architect's in all of Baja, Sylvia St. Clair of AH & Associates blends function with style
in her work to turn your Baja property dreams into complete reality.

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To foster harmony and enjoyment through the design of complete environments that serve both artistic vision and practical function - custom built around our clients.

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Architectural Services

We offer over 40 years experience in Residential Architectural design. Our international projects allow us to custom design and build a home that reflects your personal desires and the needs in Baja California Sur.

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Engineering Services

Our firm’s local Engineers and Contractors are all professionals with a number of these associates on the boards that license other professionals. We are experts in structural, mechanical, civil, electrical and hydraulic systems.

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Project Management

We provide complete project management from start to finish. From contract negotiation, construction, labor flow to design, we work to insulate you from the challenges of building in Baja California Sur.