About Us

Who We Are

AH & Assocs. Has spent many years carefully developing a process to make each client’s project and enjoyable journey from beginning to end. You can expect creative thinking, detailed planning, and exceptional project management. Before your project starts, you will know what it will look like and how much it will cost.

Our Associates include: civil, structural, and environmental engineers and surveyors with between 15 and 20 years experience each licensed here in Mexico and able to secure all necessary licenses and permits for your project. We will procure construction contracts for all aspects of your project. This means that you can participate as little or as much as you wish.

As members of the US Green Building Council we are dedicated to conserving natural resources, using water and energy wisely, and building high quality durable structures. We know how!

Our Vision

To turn your dream of a custom home, no matter the size or style, into reality with balance, harmony and a truly unique composition.

Our Mission

To foster harmony and enjoyment through the design of complete environments that serve both artistic vision and practical function - custom built around our clients.

Our Process

  • First: understand the lifestyle and desires of the client and translate those needs into the right layout, orientation, and detailing of a structure. We are designing your home, not ours and as such, the design reflects you.
  • Second: study the demands of the chosen site and how it will influence the design of the final environment and design. We design architecture specific to its site.
  • Third: familiarize the client with the complete process so that they can choose the degree to which they wish to participate or not.
  • Forth: be responsible for the day to day progress fo the construction and completion of the project.