IV. Hardscape and Landscape


Your Architect and Engineer will have laid out patios, pools, drives, walkways and any other permanent outdoor structures you had wanted. The Engineer will have specified the area for the septic system and your underground water storage area. In addition there will be walls and or fences and gates for the perimeter of the property. Some of these elements will have needed permits and would have been included in the original permit. All would have been included in the engineering plans. Why is it important that these elements we included with the original planning? For one thing, what about gates? If it is for your car, is it to be automatic and manual. If automatic, you will need electricity to it from your breaker box. What about a pool? That involves even more systems.

One very important thing to remember is that the building department does not inspect. If your Architect and Engineer are not inspecting the project no one is.


That takes care of the Hardscape. Now for the Landscape. There are a couple of landscapers that we refer clients to but we will have already planned for electricity and water to your garden areas and we will also have designated where planting has to be concerned with the septic and water systems of the home.

Now for the final questions....

  • Does it function as you had wished?
  • Does your new home really work?
  • Do you enjoy being in the space?
  • Is it balanced?
  • Does it fit the land?